Scope Of Services

Kestrel assists clients with a range of technical report writing, from creating the environmental chemistry portion of a proposal to producing professional data reports. Kestrel also assists with laboratory optimization. An outline of our services follows.

Data Review, Interpretation, Usability, and Validation

Once the analyses are completed and reported, Kestrel reviews data for the PARCC parameters of precision, accuracy, representativeness, completeness, and comparability, as well as adherence to the methodologies and data quality objective (DQO) specified in the QAPjP. We assist in distinguishing between environmentally significant data and data that may be the result of laboratory artifacts. Kestrel works with laboratories to resolve laboratory related issues. Finally, when the project requires documented data validation, Kestrel performs this service and provides a complete validation package in the format of your choice. Data reports are available in an electronic format for direct insertion into client documents.

Preparation of a Proposal Involving Environmental Chemistry

Kestrel helps the client define work plans, sampling and analysis plans (SAP), quality assurance project plans (QAPjP), and site assessment/remedial investigation/feasibility studies (SA/RI/FS). We assist with development of the proper analytical scheme, as well as with the analytical laboratory selection.

Liaison Between the Prime Contractor and the Analytical Laboratory

Kestrel recommends the proper selection of analytical methodologies to meet project DQOs. This is a critical step, since there are subtle distinctions between methodologies that may invalidate the analysis program. To ensure the quality of the analytical data, Kestrel is available to perform laboratory audits. Laboratories not performing required QA/QC can render the data useless.

Data Reports, Databases, Summaries, and Electronic Deliverables

If there is a requirement for a professional data report or data summary tables, Kestrel will provide this service. Another service we provide includes maintaining a historical database. This database will allow us to summarize analytical results over a period of events or save the data for future uses. Kestrel can also produce various formats of electronic deliverables.

Laboratory Technical Consulting

Kestrel has extensive experience in providing assistance to laboratories and contracting companies, including laboratory audits and audit preparation, laboratory preparation for preferred vendor selection, preparation of standard operating procedures, implementation of new methodologies, and troubleshooting problems (i.e., contamination, poor recoveries, etc.)

Kestrel also serves as an interface with clients and laboratories to assist in the definition of appropriate deliverables.

This page was last updated on June 14, 2006.